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FEBRUARY 15, 2013

Download your copy of BARELY LIVE: THE TEQUILA SESSIONSthe first live digital album by the New York hard rock band Soul Ground featuring "Koko Sass" & "Quixotic."  The live album, released in February of 2013, chronicles the bands February 26, 2011 New York performance.


The album is also supported by a live video, BARELY LIVE: THE TEQUILA SESSION VIDEOS. The video showcases the bands live New York performance from February 26, 2011. The footage is taken from the only Soul Ground show ever to be shot in High Definition.

Barely Live: The Tequila Sessions

JUNE 15, 2012

Check out the first official REVIEW of Six Shooter

Artist: Soul Ground
Album: Six Shooter
Review by: Heath Andrews

On their fittingly titled debut EP, Six Shooter, Soul Ground fires off six rounds of gritty rock and roll. And just like an expert marksman, they make each shot count. Coming out of Queens, New York, this quartet formed in 2009 and is led by lead guitarist and vocalist Tarun Dey. In him the band has a more than capable front man given how effortlessly Dey rips through songs instrumentally and vocally. Even more impressive is how daunting a task this turns out to be considering the power and skill with which the rest of the band plays. Together they form a well-oiled machine that blast their way through this EP with all the subtlety of a Colt Single Action Army.

Along with Tarun Dey, Soul Ground is made up of Chris Cullen on bass, Steve Huang on drums, and Neil Yager on guitar as well. Dey also handles the production, mixing, and a good chunk of the songwriting, along with some co-writing credits by Yager. Dey has apparently opted for a sound that is gritty, but distinct, allowing the listener to hear what’s going on, but with the constant reminder that this is a dirty kind of rock. The best example of this is heard in the riff on “Koko Sass,” and especially in the opening of said song. That low growl of a guitar line is akin to electric sex in how pervasive and downright dirty it sounds.

As the opening track, “Mission Creep” shows, the entire band is rife with talent. Huang’s drumming kicks the track off with a forceful slap. Fortunately the production is polished enough to where you can break down the complexities of the beat and take in the pounding of the bass drum, the snapping of the snare, and the quick fills on the tom-toms. This driving rhythm continues from start to finish and is joined by a stellar bass line from Cullen. Somehow, amongst this powerhouse rhythm section, a grinding guitar line and strong vocals manage to drive the song home. Dey’s singing eventually builds up to a kind of roar in itself as the song goes along to its climax.

Fittingly enough, Six Shooter ends in a similar fashion with the song AfterThought. Just as “Mission Creep” sported an impressive build, so too does this closer but in an even more spectacular way. “AfterThought” starts quietly enough, eventually leading into a crunching guitar riff that chugs along during the chorus before then returning to that quieter sound. Eventually things segue into a tight guitar solo and a staggering vocal performance from Dey. As his voice grows in power and his delivery becomes more forceful, the drums, the bass, the guitar, everything launches into a greater magnitude and hits the listener all at once.

In between these powerful bookends are four other wonderful songs. The aforementioned “Koko Sass” sports a wonderful guitar line, but also features a slightly poppier chorus with a well-done vocal hook. Naturally the rhythm is driving as always but it’s interesting to hear how the group manages to take a song from its gritty opening into a far more pleasant sounding chorus. Meanwhile, “Leaving The Outside” sports a slightly brighter sound all-around with its jangling guitar during the verses and vocal hook that seems to draw from the classic Temple of the Dog track, “Hunger Strike.”. Also surprising is the guitar solo done by Cullen which absolutely rips; it’s one of the highlights of the album in general.

Yager gets a chance to show his chops in a different capacity as he takes on the lead vocals for a song he penned himself, “Demons.” He does a fantastic job carrying the song and delivering an emotional performance as he mournfully sings, “Demons, try to hold me down/I never should’ve let ‘em out, I never should’ve let ‘em out.” This is made more striking by the melancholy nature of the song itself, with the sound of guitars almost crying in pain at times.

As if the band had anything else to prove at this point, one should be directed to the second half of “The Wanderer.” The melody churned out there is chilling and haunting. The first half of the track is marked with a performance of increasing intensity, but it’s that stark, haunting melody of the second half that will stick with you long after the EP has been played through. Soul Ground has done a remarkable job in putting together Six Shooter. This is exactly what a debut EP should be in every way, it wastes not one second in mediocrity and impresses with every song and every note.

Review by: Heath Andrews
Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)


JANUARY 19, 2012

Six Shooter
is now available as a FREE download.  
Check out the LISTEN page and download your copy today.


The wait is FINALLY over.

Soul Ground
, composed of members Tarun Dey, Chris Cullen,
Neil Yager and Steve Huang, proudly announce the
release of Six Shooter, an epic six track EP now
available for purchase from your favorite
online digital music retailer.



Soul Ground’s debut six-track EP, entitled Six Shooter, documents
the origins of the bands influences with prophetic undertones
foreshadowing their futuristic-robotic-sex-rock future sound.
Six Shooter provides a brief snapshot of how Soul Ground shaped
their uninhibited jam session experiments into stylistically diverse
and conceptually arranged cuts laden with melodic hooks, sonic
solos, hard-rock riffs and a wit, wisdom, and cynicism, innate
to each line, which bleed through the controlled chaos.

Click here to download the Six Shooter Digital Booklet

Soul Ground
Tarun Dey * Chris “Skip” Cullen * Neil Yager * Steve Huang

Six Shooter

Artwork and Digital Booklet Designed by Skip

Recorded at Music Farm New York, 2010/2011
Mixed at Music Farm New York & Citizen Sky Studios

Produced by T.Dey

This release was independently engineered, produced,
financed, designed and distributed.

No machines play on this record.

OCTOBER 6, 2011
We've opened the vault and are now streaming pieces of the never before heard demos "Exalted" and "NightOwl" 

They won't be up for long so check them out while you can.


Music by Skip/Yager
Words by Skip
© 2009/2010
  Skip - Lead Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer
  Yager - Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Lead Vocal

NightOwl (Instrumental-Epic-Demo)
Music by Skip
© 2010/2011
  Skip - Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar/Bass
  A.Z. - Percussion/Keys

Leaving the Outside